Feb 5

Study: Burglary Alarms Drastically Reduce Crime

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A study released by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice shows burglary alarms drastically reduce crime.Keeping you safe

“Data showed that a steady decrease in burglaries in Newark between 2001 and 2005 coincided with an increase in the number of registered home burglar alarms,” Dr. Seungmug Lee, author of the study, said in a press release. “ The study credits the alarms with the decrease in burglaries and the city’s overall crime rate.”

Lee was referring to Newark, the city that was monitored throughout the study. Over the course of five years, the university and the Newark Police Department collected data related to burglaries.

What did the study find? The number of structures with burglary alarms coincided with the number of burglaries — the more alarms, the fewer the burglary attempts.

The study took it a step further to evaluate whether other factors accounted for the decline in burglaries. According to its authors, the study singled out security alarms as the main cause for the decrease in burglaries and burglary attempts.

“This is the most comprehensive study of its kind that has ever been conducted,” Lee said. “By using sophisticated in-depth research techniques, we were able to eliminate the variables that impact crime rates and focus directly on the impact alarm systems have on residential burglaries.”

The study also noted that improvements in technology have helped to make security systems more sophisticated and accessible to the general public.


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